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The Fitness Institute and Pilates Studio is a state of the art facility with an alternative approach to rehabilitation and long-term health and wellness. Pilates rehabilitation differs greatly from the Pilates you may have seen advertised on television or by area health clubs. The rehabilitation program is based on motor learning and trunk control with assisted movement, disassociation, stabilization, mobilization, dynamic stabilization, functional re-education, foreign environment, and familiar environment. 
Pilates is the most dynamic core stabilizing technique known to rehabilitation today, also, unmatched in spine, shoulder, knee and hip rehabilitation. This program is 90% successful with our patients/clients and is specifically designed to create an environment where pain is alleviated and progressive movement can be acquired.

Progressive movements acquired through eccentric training of the musculature and reacquiring segmental movement of the spine. This is all done through soft assisted movements with specific breathing techniques in a gravity free environment.

Through the process of rehabilitation, as musculature is re-trained and becomes stronger, the client/patient is reintroduced to a familiar environment where functional movement is then re-trained pain free. Also, our clients/patients work one on one with a therapist for a one-hour duration . Initial sessions are geared toward an evaluation and functional assessment to gain an understanding of the physical abilities and goals of the patient/client. This program is not physical therapy, nor is it like physical therapy. All of the therapists here are certified in Pilates Rehabilitation and come from diverse backgrounds such as: Bio-mechanics, dance, sports medicine, OT and PT. The certification for Pilates Rehabilitation is a comprehensive and intense training program that all of our rehabilitation staff have completed. 

In 1984, the Center for Sports Medicine at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, San Francisco , began to use some of Pilates' concepts to rehabilitate and condition dancers and athletes. Physicians and therapists at the hospital created a new system, combining Pilates' principles with current practices, standards and research in dance and sports medicine.
The system developed at Saint Francis is the heart of the method. Work at Saint Francis became recognized internationally, bringing it to the attention of mainstream health and fitness communities. Soon other hospitals, universities and therapists started their own programs. 

Pilates Rehabilitation is an alternative to therapy and we look forward to helping you and your patients with any problems you may have.

Fletcher's presence and influence produced a steady stream of instructors who carried the principles throughout California, Texas, Colorado, and ultimately, the world. Today, the vast majority of instructors can trace their origins to Fletcher's Los Angeles studio.